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Solid gold artifacts found on a farm in Russia, suggests Scythian ritual grounds location

The Scythians were Eurasian nomads, who traveled the continental landmass of Europe and Asia from about 9th century BC up until the 4th century ADThey were known as great horsemen, warriors, and invaders, therefore portrayed as such on artifacts discovered throughout time, an example of which is a gold comb, dating to the late 5th to earth 4th century B.C found in a royal tomb of Solokha, Eastern Ukraine.

Separate tribes spoke the same language and were united in some ways, but not believed to be governed by one body.  Historic finds reveal that separate tribes had, for example, differences in their artistic expression as well as burial practices. They also had no written language. Being constantly on the move left no traces of settlement. Most of what we know today about them are from writings of other cultures of which the main source is the Greeks. The word Scythian was first used by the Greek historian Herodotus.

About 30 miles east of Stavropol, stands a burial mound, called a kurg…

Boy finds World War II plane and pilot in Denmark.

14-year-old Daniel Rom Kristiansen from Birkelse, Denmark's father shared a memory of a story his grandfather told him about his family making Christmas cookies in December 1944 when a World War II plane crashed on their farmland.

Daniel's father still works on the land his father owned and even though he has been spending a significant time thoroughly working the fields, never in 40 years, neither his relatives who have worked on the land for decades seen any evidence to suspect a plane was still on the property. It was believed that the wreckage had been removed years before.

Daniel decided he wanted to use his metal detector to search the field anyway, accompanied by his father.  As he was scanning the field, a signal sounded and they uncovered some metal fragments, but realized they will need to dig much deeper and borrowed an excavator from a neighbor. 

Digging a few meters down, there were hundreds of metal pieces, which initially did not represent a plane, more digging rev…